Daily Report, March 30, 2021

Today’s Daily Report Video.

(If you find the notes below difficult to follow, the video will help).

Market risk assessment:

  • Risk High, New Purchases 2% Of Portfolio.
  • Calculation based on proximity of current price to the Algo-indicated BuyAt and SellAt prices of the S&P 500 and the fifty fastest-growing, low-debt, highly profitable companies trading on US exchanges.
  • Click on images to expand.

VRTX – Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc: Fourth Strongest Financial Statement Trends Of Any SuperGrowth MultiBagger.

Vertex is extremely profitable. The recent stock price weakness is due to the failure of one of its experimental drugs. Much depends on new drugs currently under development. There is a worthwhile article on the company’s prospects on here.

Vertex: An Undervalued Business With A Promising Pipeline.

JOE – The St Joe Co: Closest to indicated BuyAt (10.48% above)

St. Joe is currently trading at 4.7% above is indicated BuyAt level, which is the closest to a buy of any SuperGrowth MultiBagger.

It is an interesting situation — a land holding and development company with 176,000 acres close to the Gulf of Mexico. The company is controlled by Bruce Berkowitz, founder and managers= of Fairholme Capital, once lauded as the “Domestic-Stock Fund Manager of the Decade” by Morningstar. However, since 2010 his fund has suffered long periods of underperformance and assets under management funds fell from $20 billion $2.2 billion. Fairholme owns 44.6% of St. Joe which represents 20% of assets under managmement of its Allocation Fund and 57.8% of its Fairholme Fund.

Berkowitz has a lot to prove with the position.

Here’s a quick look at St. Joe’s Summary Report. Key trends are strong. The company has no debt after deduction of surplus cash, or cash in excess of current liabilities.

PGR – Progressive Corp: Closest Current Position to indicated SellAt  (4.7% below)

Progressive is a highly efficient, profitable car insurer. We currently rate it, overall, at 101st relative to all public companies, in terms of financial statement strength and trend. We’ve removed it from the SuperGrowth MultiBaggers only because we focus on the top fifty. At number 101 it is still in the top three percent of all public companies.

Risk Research has a position purchased at the end of November and the first of February in three transactions at an average cost of $87.61. It is 14% of our portfolio. We’ll sell our position should it reach the indicated SellAt price, currently $97.06 versus the current market of $92.49.

Risk Research’s YouTube Channel

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